About Erryn

Erryn Arkin started working on stage in Sydney, before making the leap to professional work on screen. He has been seen on Australian shows Blue Water High, Rescue Special Ops, Rake, Home & Away, and the true-crime Fox series CIA: Crime Investigation Australia. After making the move to Los Angeles, he worked on the film, Will McCintosh's Followed - currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

He then appeared as a lead character in Capcom's game Resident Evil: Revelations and has since worked on several independent, commercial, and studio projects in the U.S.

On American screens, he has worked on the world’s most-watched TV series, CBS' hit show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, as well as ABC Family's sci-fi show Stitchers, Baby Daddy and Rake.

As a writer, director or producer, his films have had successful screenings internationally at festivals in North America, Australia and the prestigious Cannes Film Festival (Court Métrage).

In addition to being a lifelong student of theater and cinema, he is a graduate of the University of New South Wales where he received a Bachelor in Optometry. 

His interests in science and storytelling led to publishing his sci-fi novella about string theory in 2016, titled The Dual available on Amazon. He's currently working on his directorial debut feature film.